How it all began

One morning I went to buy a milk and bumped into a group of beautiful greyhounds from Kent Greyhound Rescue who were looking for new homes. I have decided to help so agreed to foster a greyhound and one week later collected a beautiful greyhound brindle called “Lazy Mick”.  After the first weekend, I was smitten and agreed to official adopt Lazy Mick into the family.  Almost a year and couple of months later I have fostered another beautiful female greyhound (Mischa) and you can guess how the story goes. I become a happy parent of two beautiful greyhounds.

I wanted to elevate the beauty of my four legged darlings with fashionable conformable collars however there was nothing really in the market that would satisfied my needs.

One day I decided to handmake a velvet collar for my greyhounds which would match the  cushions on the sofas where both Mick and Mischa spent 80% of their time.  This was the beginning of Elite Hound. I have attended some sewing classes, purchased machinery and material and started to design and create bespoke collars for my beloved greyhounds and other friend’s dogs.