Trending colours in interior design

Last weekend I travelled to Paris to attend the Maison & Objet exhibition. I have never visited such a huge event like this.  Eight massive halls full of cool stuff ranging from designer furniture, rugs, lights, lamps, art to fragrances and many more. You will need minimum two full days to see most of it however I would recommend three.  Oh yes wear comfortable pair of shoes. Please visit for more information.

The purpose of the trip was to get inspired from other designers and understand the current trends that can be incorporated into Elite Hound products. As you know my mission is to align our four legged friends with the current trends in the fashion and interior design so they look stylish anywhere they go. Woof!

I was focusing mainly on the colours and materials used by the designers. The absolutely TOP colour and style for me was the green velvet. The space was packed with green velvet sofas, cushions and chairs. The other very colour that was also dominate was gold and copper, dusty pink, grey and goblin or silver blue.

The absolutely top material was velvet. I had feeling that I am in a velvet wonderland. Everywhere I looked was velvet. I had to touch every velvet sofa I have seen as I adore this material so much.

The lesson learned?   I am very delighted that my portfolio already includes velvet collars and leads in fashionable colours emerald green, red wine and black. I will enrich my velvet portfolio with dusty pink velvet and another shade of green because according to Pantone it is THE colour of 2017. Currently I am looking into how I can adapt leather into my range so I can offer you some chick leather collars and leads that you will love.

I cannot wait to create the new collection.